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मेरा कोना

Heaven achieved!

“मुझे मेरा कोना मिल गया “

What a writer need most in his life ?
A right corner to explore every neurones in their mind (running randomly everywhere) and to make them in a queue so that they can create magic with some words on a paper.

आज अपनी ही लिखी लाइन याद आ गयी कि “वास्तव में जीवन उसी का सफल हुआ है जिसे मिल गया हो कोना ।”


Writer, cook, blogger, and photographer...... yesssss okkkkkk I am an Engineer too :)👨‍🎓 in machine and drives. 🖥 I love machines, they run the world. Specialist in linear induction machine. Alumni of IIT BHU, Varanasi. I love Varanasi. Kashi nahi to main bhi nahi. Published two poetry book - Darpan and Hamsafar. 📚 Part of thre anthologies- Axile of thoughts, Aath dham assi and Endless shore. 📖 Pursuing MA Hindi (literature). ✍️ Living in lucknow. Native of Ayodhya.,

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