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लिखने का शौक़ यहाँ तक ले आया,

इसके साथ हर तरह का आनन्द पाया,

नाम की खोज में क़लम ने साथ निभाया,

इसकी संगत से अलग ही निखार पाया।

ख़्वाबों को हक़ीक़त तक दर्पण ने पहुँचाया,

Axile of thoughts ने अन्दाज़ ए ज़िंदगी अपनाया,

कल्प एशिया ने अपने साथ चलने को जो हाथ थमाया,

देकर जगह आठ धाम अस्सी में मेरा मान बढ़ाया ।


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So it is going to start today. It was awaited from a long ago. Many friends of me pushed me to own a website and publish my writing there so i am now the owner of this website “ANUNAADAK.COM” .

ANUNAAD means resonance and ANUNAADAK stand for resonator. Anunnad is a condition in which maximum output can be achieved with less input so I am very fond of this condition and has chosen this word to present my writing and photography skills.

So this is the place where “kam mein jyada ki baat ki jayegi.’

Now this website produce anunaad so it is named as ANUNAADAK– anunaad karne wala.

We will discuss everyday thing here with the help of poetry and photographs and try to connect with your heart.

Keep blessing me in my new journey. it is not as new as this website because I am writing from long ago but taken a new look through this website.

Thanks everyone . will be back soon with new announcements.